Hanging Bag

Hanging bags are the preferred type of packaging for products to be displayed on shelves. Often referred to as “Mexican hat,” the hole at the top of the bag allows the packaged products to be hung on shelves. To ensure a stronger hanger hole, a single-layer film is first placed inside, and then a process of welding with sonic sound waves is applied just below. We accept custom orders according to customer needs, with different thicknesses and dimensions, whether printed or non-printed, and production begins accordingly.

Adhesive Bag

Self-adhesive bags are very practical for packaging and are particularly popular for shipping and storage purposes. Once the protective film is easily removed, the bag is sealed by sticking the flap onto the bag to complete the packaging. They can be made from films with different characteristics depending on the product to be packaged, with OPP-CPP-PE films being the most commonly used. Additionally, the strength of the glue and the width of the tape can vary depending on the needs. These self-adhesive bags can be made in almost any required size and thickness, with or without printing, as per the customer’s requirements.

Clothing Bag

Clothing bags are widely used in the dry cleaning sector and are indispensable for tailors, hotels, etc. They assure customers that the product is clean upon delivery. They can have different features. Previously, they were individually packed, but now they are preferred in roll form. Rolls are delivered with a perforation for easy tearing to the desired length, saving a lot of time. Additionally, a perforation at the shoulder area of the clothes can be applied for a more aesthetic appearance. We can manufacture these clothing bags as individual bags or perforated rolls, with or without printing, in the desired width and length to fully meet the requirements.

Zipper Bag

Companies’ care for packaging begins with the packaging itself. Zipper bags have been designed to ensure the protection of special products. These zipper bags allow for easy opening and closing of the packaging multiple times without any problem and also present an attractive appearance. They can be made in small and large dimensions and are generally made from thicker films, primarily based on PE raw materials.

Ready-to-wear Clothing Packaging

Choosing the right packaging for textile products that have been manufactured and are ready to be delivered to the end consumer is almost as important as the product itself. The packaging used for textile products such as underwear, socks, swimwear, accessories, knitwear, scarves, etc., enhances brand preference and ensures that consumers receive undamaged products. Using flexo printing technique, you can request logos and brand information on the packaging, as well as product information, usage instructions, warnings, etc. This way, you can attract your customers’ attention with more appealing designs.

Underwear Packaging

For products that come into direct contact with our bodies and are so delicate that even the slightest imperfection can disturb us, it is important to choose equally delicate packaging. Maintaining the quality of your products without any compromise, from the beginning to the end until they reach the end consumer, is possible only through the choice of quality packaging. The carefully chosen optimal packaging will offer cost advantages and prevent your products from being damaged. The underwear packaging protects your products from moisture and dust, while giving them an aesthetic appearance through the design you choose. It will provide your customers with an experience that makes them feel special, both through its quality that preserves the condition of your product and through its visual appeal with the design you choose.