The most distinguishing feature of cargo bags from other types of bags is the permanent adhesion of the tape on the bag. This structure, which leaves no option other than tearing the bag to reach the product inside, primarily aims to ensure the privacy of shipments. To maintain this privacy, cargo bags are produced with a black interior to conceal the contents, providing absolute confidentiality for both the company and the customer. Made from highly durable and flexible polymers resistant to tearing and puncturing, these bags also protect your products from dust, dirt, and water until they reach the recipient. Being lightweight and cost-effective supports your packaging speed and shipping budget, enabling you to offer competitive prices.

When you want to reflect your brand’s identity, culture, visibility, image, or, in short, its essence, you need to know that with Karbay Packaging, anything you desire is possible. There are multiple answers to the question of what you can determine yourself.

We can produce cargo bags with all measurements specifically tailored to your needs, including width, height, cover length, and thickness.

You can choose to have a single-colored, simple appearance for the bag’s print, or you can design it with multiple vibrant colors, or even incorporate your own photo.

If your shipments are voluminous, you can choose a structure with a gusseted bottom or opt for a bag with convenient carrying holes to facilitate transportation.

You can decide to have an invoice pocket on the cargo bag to offer convenience for returns, or you can opt for a structure without an invoice pocket to reduce costs or create a more straightforward appearance.

To provide ease for your returnable items, you can request our returnable cargo bags with double tape feature, reducing your per-unit costs and making your customers feel valued.

In cargo bags specially tailored for you, you can add the “perforated cover” feature, allowing easy opening without tearing, stretching, or tearing, providing comfort to your customers. Alternatively, you can request “cut-out handle covers” to give your e-commerce brand’s cargo bags a more elegant appearance.