Agricultural Product Packaging

The process of packaging agricultural products, especially seeds, fertilizers, and similar items, holds great importance during their presentation and transportation to consumers. Ensuring the freshness and quality of these products requires packaging with features like light, moisture, and gas barriers. Karbay Ambalaj, holding the Food Registry Certificate and the Operating Registration Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, specializes in producing packaging that directly comes into contact with the products. Working with materials such as PET, OPP, PE, CPP, and their transparent, white, or metallized derivatives, we provide the most suitable packaging solutions for various agricultural products.

In consideration of the specific needs of the agricultural sector, we manufacture multi-layered rolls and bags designed to protect agricultural products from harmful external factors such as light, odors, moisture, and air. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to tailor the packaging to meet specific customer requirements, including various features and designs. Whether it’s vertical or horizontal packaging machines, we cater to both with our printed roll packaging or flexible pouches (Doypack, Quadro, Block Bottom, etc.) that enhance the aesthetics and usability of the products.

Our primary goal is to provide the agricultural sector with tailored solutions, offering our customers the highest quality and functional packaging to ensure the safe delivery of agricultural products to consumers.