Medical and Cosmetic Packaging

This group of packaging is specifically designed to protect products from light and oxygen, featuring a structure that prevents leakage of liquids and gases, providing a high barrier protection. These packaging solutions are chosen for various products, such as masks, paints, cosmetics, surgical and medical instruments, vitamins, medicines, and many others. For medical products, warnings and instructions are usually sufficient, while for cosmetic products, the aesthetics of the packaging are of paramount importance. In addition to multi-layered cosmetic packaging, medical packaging may also include retort packaging, which is suitable for sterilization and pasteurization when needed.

Continuity and Customer Satisfaction

We aim for continuity while serving our customers with all the packaging we produce. In line with the suggestions of our customers, we shape the features of our packaging and apply these features in our production stages in order to provide a more satisfactory service. We design our packaging productions by considering all possible mishaps and apply them during the production stages. In addition, we offer our customers various options with our different printing methods. If customers have a different request than our current packaging, we immediately take them into consideration and apply these requests to our medical and cosmetic packaging products.