Karbay Ambalaj;

Our family-owned company entered the plastic packaging industry in 1978, with the main background being financial consultancy of the 1st Generation. With the inclusion of the engineering infrastructure of the 2nd Generation in 2006, along with a state-of-the-art machinery park and an experienced team, our family institution has strengthened its position in the flexible packaging sector. Thanks to its strong financial structure built over almost half a century, the company can supply the right product at the right time, providing its customers with excellent speed of delivery and cost advantages. With an open-minded and dynamic spirit for innovation and a successful production range, it has also taken its place among Turkey’s leading packaging manufacturers. Equipped with advanced technology and an experienced team in the field, our company, with its long-standing corporate tradition, continuously follows the rapidly evolving technology and information trends, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of flexible packaging conversion.

Our company carries out production within the framework of legal obligations, quality management requirements, hygiene, and sanitation rules. It has embraced producing high-quality, safe, and healthy products as a principle. Giving priority to personnel training, it continuously follows technological developments to produce its products in the most economical way, in line with customer satisfaction, needs, and expectations.

Respecting human health and the environment as a fundamental guiding principle, our company continuously improves its quality management system and adopts and implements all these conditions as its quality policy.

Our vision is to continuously increase our service capacity and become a leading company in secure trade at the national level and, in line with our country’s objectives, elevate our export volume to the top among equivalent companies, both making Turkey the center of quality in the eyes of other countries and contributing to raising the economic level of every individual living on our lands. Our biggest desire is to communicate with our global partners to bring forth pioneering ideas in packaging technologies, production efficiency, and environmental sensitivity.


As a family institution, our firm culture prioritizes an environment based on trust, respect, and mutual collaboration with its customers, suppliers, employees, and all stakeholders. Our primary mission is to focus on the needs of our customers, continuously monitoring advanced packaging materials and packaging systems and offering our customers perfectly suitable products.