Hygiene packaging can be categorized based on needs and characteristics. Here are some of the main categories:

Detergent Packaging

Packaging for powdered or liquid detergents is among the most demanding in terms of strength among all packaging groups. It can be single-layered or multi-layered, and flexible films are used in its production to eliminate risks of tearing, puncturing, or bursting. Due to their chemical content, incidents of spills and leaks can be more hazardous compared to other product groups. Moreover, detergents with unique scents and aromas are often packaged in barrier-protected packaging to preserve both their scent and chemical properties. Thus, detergent packaging that combines physical durability, barrier properties, and vibrant colors for aesthetic appeal is one of the key packaging varieties we meticulously produce at Karbay Ambalaj.

Glove and Mask Packaging

The use of masks and gloves, which has been common in developed countries for a long time, has gained even more importance worldwide in recent years, leading us to pay greater attention to personal health and hygiene. Packaging masks and gloves in hygienic conditions to protect them completely from external factors until they reach the end consumer is one of the most important reasons for consumer preference. Depending on the packaging method, they can be produced in rolls or in the form of “Mexican hats” for hanging on shelves. At Karbay Ambalaj, we consider it our duty to take all necessary protective measures when it comes to human health and hygiene.

Paper Towel and Napkin Packaging

Textile wipes and towels that were previously used for personal hygiene have now been largely replaced by disposable paper napkins and towels. Using these products without proper packaging is unthinkable, as they quickly lose their functionality when exposed to external factors. Paper towels, being rapidly consumed products, are usually packaged in multiple packs, which increases the size of the paper towel packaging accordingly. In such large packages, folds are often used for greater capacity, and handles are added for consumer convenience in carrying. Napkin packaging can be in smaller dimensions. Disposable paper products, made from high tear resistance materials, are visually enhanced with Karbay Ambalaj’s advanced printing quality, making them a perfect choice for consumers.

Soap and Wet Wipe Packaging

When it comes to general cleanliness and personal hygiene, the two essential products that come to mind are soap and wet wipes, which must be kept safely until they reach the end consumer. Especially soaps are sensitive to water and other liquids, so soap packaging needs to be resistant to external factors. Additionally, when sold in multiple packaging, moisture can also affect them, leading to interaction between soaps inside the packaging and losing their shape. The purpose of wet wipe packaging, on the other hand, is not only to prevent external impacts but also to prevent moisture and essence from inside the packaging from seeping out, thereby preserving both freshness and scent. Thanks to expertise and experience in various packaging structures, Karbay Ambalaj ensures applying the right packaging principles for a healthy product consistently.