Especially in recent times, with the maximum level of sanitation and hygiene needs, individual packaging has become even more important. Previously, we could buy food openly and in the quantities we desired, but now, for the sake of human health and compliance with food codes, they are almost entirely available on the shelves in ready-to-use packaged form. Especially for foods that require a long shelf life, we produce packaging with suitable material components to prevent moisture and bacterial formation, while also providing a healthy and aesthetically appealing color and brightness.

In food-safe packaging, there are many points that provide benefits for both consumers and producers:

  • Mold-free, fresh and longer shelf life without staleness,
  • Protection from dust, microbes, and other external factors that can be transmitted by human hands,
  • Especially with “wicket bags,” faster packaging is possible,
  • Effective moisture protection with microperforation,
  • Increasing preference on shelves with desired prints on the packaging,
  • Heat, moisture, and odor barrier,
  • High physical strength against tearing, puncture, and bursting,
  • Anti-static application, especially for powder fillings,
  • Quick adhesion for volumetric and horizontal filling machines.

With these features, as Karbay Ambalaj, we continue to work and improve with all our strength and experience to provide not only a healthy food supply and enhance your brand prestige but also to ensure a fast and smooth production process.

Karbay Ambalaj, which manufactures food packaging with the required dimensions and features for many products, keeps all necessary permits, quality certificates, and analyses within its structure and closely monitors them. Just like in all product varieties, it continuously improves the quality and structure of its team to provide the right packaging solutions with the correct material choices, responding to the current needs of today.

With its open-minded amateur spirit and experience spread across generations, Karbay Ambalaj is committed to applying choices that will add value to the companies it partners with as an packaging solution provider.

Pet Food Packaging

We do our best to ensure that our beloved animal companions, who have become members of our families, live a healthy and comfortable life. Although many different types of pet food are produced for different breeds and species, they all share the common characteristic of having sufficient and suitable nutritional values. We offer barrier-strong packaging for pet foods, which are designed to prevent loss of nutritional value and spoilage due to light, heat, or moisture during the time from production to the pets’ bowls. Additionally, a crucial aspect we pay attention to is to ensure that our sensitive-nosed friends’ food does not experience aromatic losses or allow any external odors to penetrate the pet food.

Karbay Ambalaj, along with all its employees, not only cares about human health but also has a sensitive approach to the health of all living beings. With a commitment to the well-being of our planet and future generations, we have adopted and embraced the principle of sensitivity in all stages of our operations.